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China Kwangtung Provincial Bank
Set of 8 Banknotes All Crisp UNC
1,5,10,50 Cents 1,5,10,100 Yuan
chinazz8.jpg (31057 bytes)   chinazz8a.jpg (23507 bytes)
Dr.Sun Yat-sen on face

Our Price 15.00 per set

British 10 Shilling Banknotes
Over 38 Years Old
Super Gem Crisp UNC

10 Shilling Banknote click to view

Cashier Fforde
Only 6.00 each


indiap89p.jpg (25507 bytes)

India 10 Rupees Pick 89
LOW Serial Number
000011 to 000099
Crisp UNC
75p each

GB 1970 Proof Set
1970proofset.jpg (64319 bytes)
Half Crown,Florin,English &
Scottish Shillings,Sixpence
Threepence,Penny, Penny
Royal Mint Medal
In plastic case of issue
with outer cover & insert
Light minor tone on copper
Sold Out 15.00 Sold Out

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We can now offer limited quantities of scrap silver coins.Each 1 kilogram bag contains 1 kilo of 50% pure silver, giving a total fine silver content of kilo (500 gram) per bag.
(just over 16oz pure silver)
Each bag contains British / World coins in grades poor to UNC

Price Spot + 15%

Churchill Crown

British 1965 Churchill Crown
Unc to Mint State
1.00 each

crown size silver
Crown Size
+ oz Silver 25 Pesos 1968
Summer Olympics
Nice UNC to BU
15.00 each

USA  $2 Bill 1995 


Crisp AU-UNC
2.00 each

British Silver Proof Crown
1977jubcrown.jpg (20267 bytes)
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee  In Royal Mint Box.

With Certificate  28.00

Without Certificate 24.00

All prices are in Pounds Sterling

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